Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Outside Water Faucets Cause Water Damage Inside Home in Webb City, MO

A customer had both outside water lines freeze and bust, which in turn caused water damage inside the home. Luckily, the water was not contaminated and the carp... READ MORE

Sump Pump Failure in Pittsburg, KS

The homes sump pump failed and caused water damage to the carpeting in the basement. Although it was not a huge water loss, it was still spread throughout six r... READ MORE

Water Damage Due to Toilet Overflow in Pittsburg, KS

Due to a continual overflow from an upstairs toilet, this home had an extensive amount of water damage. It affected the bathroom, of course, and multiple other ... READ MORE

Toilet Overflow in Carl Junction, MO

A toilet overflow caused a bit of damage in a Carl Junction home. It affected the master bathroom, bathroom closet, master bedroom and master closet. It resulte... READ MORE

Septic Backup Causes Damage

The homeowner was informed of their wood floor buckling and that is how they found they had two separate floor drains in their basement backing up under the flo... READ MORE

Sink Overflowed in Altamont, KS

According to the homeowners, the sink had overflowed 4 days prior and they attempted to dry it out themselves but realized it was more than they had originally ... READ MORE

Water Loss in Cassville, MO

With the recent flooding, we have had a number of water claims come in. This one in particular was located in Cassville, MO which was one of the neighboring to... READ MORE

Water Damage in Basement

The guys recently did a job in Pittsburg, KS and had to move contents around, pull carpet pad, drill holes for wall cavity drying and remove some baseboard beca... READ MORE

Hot Water Heater Leak in Joplin, MO

There was a leak in the pipe that lead to the hot water heater. Due to the high level of saturation and the fact the insulation was wet, the drywall had to be c... READ MORE

Underground Line Collapsed in Joplin, MO

An underground line collapsed at a local place of residence causing the basement to flood. At one point there was nearly 3 feet of water in the basement. It cov... READ MORE

Wet Hardwood Floors. No Problem

A five gallon water cooler/ dispenser malfunctioned and caused this water damage in this Webb City, Missouri home. The homeowners were concerned about the effec... READ MORE

Upstairs bathroom damage downstairs living area

A toilet supply-line leak in an upstairs bathroom caused this overhead water damage to a Monett, Missouri kitchen. The water damaged the bathroom floor and the ... READ MORE

Appliance Malfunction Floods Rural Joplin Home

An appliance supply line busted while this couple was away watching a high school football game. Upon returning home late that evening they found the kitchen an... READ MORE

Finished Basement Flooded in Columbus, KS

This flooded basement was a result of a failed sump pump. The property was a bank owned foreclosure so the issue was exacerbated by infrequent visits to check t... READ MORE

Finished Basement in Pittsburg KS

This basement in Pittsburg, KS just west of our Carthage facility sustained sever water damage. Microbial growth made this room unhealthy. Containment was set a... READ MORE

Water Damaged Ceiling in Carthage, MO

Water damage is not just confined to the floor. When the source of the water is from above there can be catastrophic damage to the ceiling. This ceiling collaps... READ MORE

Controlled Demolition

We strive to be as non-intrusive as possible when drying a water damage. Sometimes however, the damage is too great or we may be dealing with materials that wil... READ MORE