Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

SERVPRO employee removing wood flooring

Floor Removal After Damages

Part of the Process

The flooring in this Seneca, MO home needed to be removed after a water damage loss in order for the subfloor to be properly dried and avoid mold growth. It is crucial to call a certified water damage restoration company as quickly as possible after experiencing a water loss of any size. When disaster strikes your Seneca, MO home, SERVPRO of Carthage/Joplin is only a call away!

The storefront of a store in Joplin, MO

Store Front Board Up

A vehicle was driven through a storefront in Joplin, MO and our crew responded. They cleaned up the mess of glass shards and items that were on display, vacuumed and boarded up the window until it could be replaced.

Mold growing in the crawlspace of a Carthage, MO home

Mold under the house

This picture is from an estimate we recently did in Carthage, MO.  Not many people think of mold being under their homes, but it can happen all too often.  When mold grows in a crawlspace, it can release spores into the living space above and potentially cause health effects. If there has been any kind of water intrusion under your home, or if it isn't properly ventilated, make sure to keep an eye on things in order to catch it as soon as it shows so it does not have the chance to cause any damage or health effects later on.

Flood water on the floor of a basement in Joplin, MO

A Flooded Basement in Joplin, MO

A copper pipe came loose from the hot water heater in this Joplin, MO home which allowed water to flood the finished basement. It covered almost 1,400 square feet and had close to 2 inches of water standing in some places. It affected a living room area, hallway and 2 storage rooms as well. 

Air movers set up to dry a carpet in Carthage, MO

Results of tampering with the sprinkler system

The crew responded to a call to a local health services location in Carthage, MO. Someone had tampered with the sprinkler system causing quite a bit of water damage. The walls, carpet, vinyl and cabinets inside the apartment were all reading high which resulted in part of the ceiling having to be removed and also the removal of the vinyl flooring, baseboards pulled and holes drilled to aid in the water drying process

Window boarded up on a house in Carthage, MO

Board Up in Carthage, MO

We were contacted about boarding up a home in Carthage, MO that had been shot at multiple times. Our team went out and boarded up the doors and windows while also showing compassion to the occupants. Luckily, no one was injured in the incident so we were able to help get things put back together for them and help them begin to move past it. 

Water on the floor of a Carthage, MO business

Water Damage in Carthage, MO

This is a hallway of a Carthage business that was affected by water damage. It was a decent size job and the crew did a fantastic job of going in and cleaning it all up so their employees could get back to work.