Water Damage Photo Gallery

Whole floor ripped out after water damage

Replacing the Floors

After Water Leak Damage

This home had a severe leak that damage the entire floor. We had to rip out the old flooring because it could not be repaired. Replacing it with new hardwood floors was the only way our team could truly restore this home. 

SERVPRO of Carthage/Joplin worked quickly to remove the damage floors and replace them. 

Team member removing flooring

Water Damage Cleanup

We Do it All

Our team of experts at SERVPRO of Carthage/Joplin can fully restore your home after water damage. That includes removing the flooring and drying all excess water before replacement. Our team can do it all for you, at home or at your business. 

Standing water

Standing Water?

We're Here to Help

Our team at SERVPRO of Carthage/Joplin is trained to remove excess water and dry the affected area. 

After flooding or a broken pipe, our team will use extraction equipment, pumps and fans to restore your home and repair the water damage

SERVPRO airmovers and drying equipment set up to dry a rug in a Joplin, MO home.

Water Damage Restoration in Joplin, MO

If you have water damage in your Joplin, MO home or business, speed is the key. There is no team better prepared to offer you water damage restoration services than our team at SERVPRO of Carthage/Joplin. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Carthage / Joplin is close by and ready to respond to your flood or water damage emergency.

Moisture meter checking for mold in a Joplin, MO home

Tools of the Trade

This is a moisture meter. This a tool used by our technicians to measure if materials are wet and how wet they are. All readings are documented and as the drying process progresses they are used to verify if materials are drying. Ultimately it is this tool that determines if the materials in Joplin, MO are dry to our standards. 

SERVPRO equipment in front of a Joplin, MO home.

Big Projects Call for Big Solutions

This Joplin, MO home was constructed in the late 1800's. Last winter a pipe froze and burst in the attic. Water affected parts of four levels of the home from the finished attic space to the finished basement. The plaster and antique wood moldings covering the walls made this dry-out a challenge. This large desiccant dehumidifier was brought in to pump very dry and warm air into the home to help draw out the moisture from these challenging materials. 

Flooded Basement in Columbus, KS

A failed sump-pump caused this massive water damage to a finished basement in Southeast Kansas after heavy rains hit the area for a few days. Always check your pumps functionality and back up electric. 

Water Extraction in Neosho Missouri

The first step in professional water damage restoration is removing all moisture possible from the structure. The less water remaining in materials such as carpets means less time to properly dry down. 

Pictured is our Weighted Extraction Unit which removes water from carpets and pad with extraordinary efficiency. Not all water extraction methods are equal. While a portable wet / dry vacuum may remove a lot of water, it is not getting it all. Same can be said for rental carpet cleaner units, they simply don't have the extraction power of professional units.

Water left behind not only increases the time to effectively dry your property; it creates an unhealthy environment. Moisture left behind in carpets and pad can be a breading ground for bacteria and possible mold growth. Do not take that chance. Call SERVPRO of Carthage-Joplin if you have suffered a flood in your home or business.

Medical office

Medical Office Water Damage

Commercial Building Restoration

Here is water damage in a medical office in Joplin. The facility needed to remain operational and continue to see patients during this process. We tried as best we could to keep drying equipment out of the way. Safety during restoration is our biggest priority at SERVPRO. 

courthouse water damage

Courthouse Water Damage

Responding Quickly

Here is our team at SERVPRO of Joplin unloading equipment off the truck to go into the Jasper County Courthouse, who had a water damage due to a leaky roof. The water damage had effected three floors and was dry and restored in three days.