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Preventing Moisture and Mold in the Home

4/14/2020 (Permalink)

While the current weather outside does not reflect it, warmer weather is on the way. It won’t be long, and we will be complaining that it is too hot and be running for the thermostat to crank the AC unit on and try to find a comfortable temperature.  

This can create a perfect environment for mold growth in your home if there becomes enough moisture in the area. There are four requirements for mold growth:

  • Mold spores
  • Moisture
  • Temperatures of 70° or more
  • Food source - Not a steak and potatoes kind of food, but the mold spores generally feed on wood, drywall, and insulation.

To help in the prevention of mold growth there are some steps you can take:

  • Maintain the moisture level- anything above 50% is favorable for mold growth and anything below 30% can have negative effects on your health. You want to keep it between 30-50%.
  • Fix any leaks as soon as you find them
  • Clean up any water spills as soon as you notice it. It doesn’t take a large amount to create a huge, moldy mess.
  • If your AC unit is inside, make sure you empty the drip pan regularly to prevent any overflow and avoid a damp environment.

Ridding A Home Of Mold

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

Using a HEPA Vac On A Ceiling One of our crew members is using a HEPA vac to rid the ceiling of mold spores.

Getting rid of mold in a home is not always as simple as it sounds. Did you know the mold spores can generally be found on even the silliest of contents in your home? That's right. The crayons in the kiddos room or the flip flops in your closet. When we go in to do a mold clean, we make it a point to HEPA vac the walls, ceilings, windows and all contents to make sure we tackle all of the mold spores. A HEPA vac is a special filtered vacuum that will filter out the mold spores instead of putting them back in to the air like a regular vacuum would do. Once we have vacuumed, we are able to go through and clean things with a cleaning agent ensuring the items in your home and the air you and your family breathe in is clean!