Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Drains Cannot Keep Up In Parsons Office

As seen in the before image heavy rains fell on this southeast Kansas business office and the drainage set for such events just could not keep up. The overloade... READ MORE

Local Theater Damaged by Heavy Rain

A sump-pump in this this local theater could not keep up with the heavy rainfall during a recent spring storm. Parts of the seating area as well as in front of ... READ MORE

Heavy Rains and High Winds Effect Joplin, MO Office Building

The roof on this commercial office building in Joplin, MO gave way to heavy rains and extreme winds causing this small disaster. Once the roof was compromised b... READ MORE

Tornado Damages Goodman, MO Home

On April 04, 2017 an EF-2 tornado slammed the small town of Goodman, a small town in extreme southwest Missouri. This home took a direct hit and suffered extens... READ MORE

Flood Waters Reach Newton County, MO Home

Ten to twelve inches of rain fell in Newton County Missouri in late April of 2017. Many homeowners took precautions as shown in this example image. This homeown... READ MORE

Flood Damages Rural Neosho, MO Church

In the spring of 2017 Newton county Missouri saw record rainfall and historic flooding. Structures that have never before been in danger now found themselves un... READ MORE